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Multiple Campaign Support

First ever support for multiple campaigns to make you feel confident and safe knowing we have your back when you get stuck.

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YouTube Live Mass Syndication

SociLiveStream is a Top-Notch software, because we want you to stay ahead of everyone else this upgrade will unlock even further..

With the Unlimited package you can now syndicate YouTube Live Streaming to Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Blogger, Wordpress, and Medium!

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Blog Designer PRO WordPress Plugin

Blog Designer is an effective and user friendly way to beautify your blog pages on your websites. It's a very popular plugin for website's WordPress blog to attract more clients as well as more blog visitors. Blog Designer makes your blog section more intuitive with no coding skill.

It's very easy to manage for beginners to website developers.
Blog designer plugin bundled with precisely designed 36 templates for various category and we will keepadding more in future version.

Where is Blog Designer Pro plugin useful?
Blog Designer plugin is useful for all WordPress websites.

Below is a one small list for which purposes you can start use of Blog Designer WordPress plugin.

Blogging Website, New section of website, Business & Technology idea sharing, Your company story (timeline),Event summary showcase (timeline), Company new product updates, Fashion blog website, Latest trend blog,Business & Entrepreneurship Blogs, NGO website to share news/update, Personal blog Site,Showcase post with slideshow (slider), To display different category post with different design

Complete FB ads Video Workshop!

This training, will take you by the hand, and show you step by step, how to safely skyrocket your Business Success with Facebook Ads in the shortest time ever.

This video training is more than enough to get you where you really want to be using the immense power of Facebook Advertising

FB Discount Machine-

The more you share, the cheaper you buy! Make your products or promotions go viral – The more you share, the cheaper you buy!

Create a Facebook discount locker so customers can share with friends, followers, subscribers or group members on facebook to reduce the price. When they reach the targeted amount, they can unlock your discount. Use for Salons, Shops, Trade Business, Events and Restaurants.

This will help you turn customers into your personal viral marketing team who tells all their friends about your business or products, growing your footfall,

SEO Analyzer- Turn your Website into SEO tool

This is a WordPress Plugin which will convert your website into SEO tool. You must have used some most popular tool online for your clients like SEO detective, mysite audoitor etc Similar like that this tool will also convert your website into SEO tool. All you need to install is on your wordpress website
and paste the code anywhere on your website like header, footer, body etc

Easy to install with clean coding. You can customize it anyway you want.

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Unlimited Streaming & Syndication Campaigns

Unlimited Social Media Accounts

Multiple Campaign Support

YouTube Live Streaming Mass Syndication

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