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SociLiveStream Works For Facebook and YouTube Live Events..

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Facebook Live Streaming:

  • Create Live Events and Set Your Videos For Live Streaming.
  • Create Direct Live Streaming in Facebook
  • Schedule Live Streaming Campaigns.
  • Share Live Videos To All Your Other Pages, Profiles and Groups.
  • Notify Your Audience Via Live Notifications On Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Blogger.

YouTube Live Streaming:

  • Create Events And Go Live Instantly And Share It To Top Social Networks.
  • Schedule Your Live Streaming Only & Share It To Top Social Networks.
  • Built-In Powerful Keyword Suggestion Tools To Select Keyword Ranking In Both YouTube and Google.

So when you act now, we’re going to give you the following PRICELESS bonuses to take your profits to the next level:

Special Bonus #1:
Facebook Groups for Beginners

This detailed course walks you through how to create and manage a Facebook group from the perspective of beginner. You will also learn how to promote Facebook groups once they have been created. And so much more!

Special Bonus #2:
LinkedIn Auto Post Machine (Multi Account License & Whitelabel)

Are you tired and finding it difficult to carry out brand advertising campaign on linkedin for the post to linkedin every day.

This simple and powerful Script will help you get closer to your goal. With just a few clicks you can create up for a promotion campaign on Linkedin with many features available on the script will certainly give you a great experience.

  • Support multi linkedin accounts: helping you advertise more comprehensive
  • Report posts: statistical success rate of the posts.
  • Repost post: lets you automatically post back every day without having to post back.
  • Suport multi language: makes it easy to access and use the product thoroughly.
  • Easy customization and multi themes: helping you have more choices for the management interface to suit you.
  • Support multi user: not only can you manage that you can share it with everyone you want.
  • Easy install & using: help you set up and use easily via video.
  • And many other exciting features.
Special Bonus #3:
SiteClone Machine - Make Clones or Copies of any website

SiteClone Machine is a PHP script which allows you to make copies, clones or archives of any website. It does not matter whether this website is made with regular HTML files or was built using a CMS like Wordpress or Joomla; SiteClones clones them all!

Once a clone or copy has been created; you can choose to either browse the clone online, download it as a ZIP archive, send it by email or upload it to a remote server over FTP.

With SiteClone Machine, you can start earning some bucks from web designing and smartly using this tool to jump-start the entire web design process...

Not only does SiteClone Machine generate an exact copy of the site; it also rewrites all URLs to be fully relative, which allows you to use the cloned site either on a web server or locally on your computer.

Special Bonus #4:
Coursepress Machine— Create beautiful courses all within WordPress...

CoursePress Pro is by far the easiest way to add beautiful courses to WordPress and WordPress Multisite.

You can’t find this anywhere else. Completely exclusive just for you and you alone for the next 24 hours

CoursePress Pro allows you to quickly create beautiful courses all within WordPress.

Whether you’re selling or sharing your knowledge, this plugin will save you time and make your work stand out.

Incredibly Easy to Use & Setup

Easily create a course and add, invite or promote it to students. Getting a great course up takes no time and CoursePress even comes with it’s own theme to get you going quickly, along with shortcodes and widgets you can use in any WordPress themes

Complete Live ‘Chat’ Integration
Sell Courses with MarketPress and WooCommerce
Offer courses for free, or sell exclusive access to your lessons and materials with simple e-Commerce integration.
Use any of the 13+ gateways available with MarketPress,
or combine CoursePress with WooCommerce and get access to more than 100 payment options.
Massively Customizable


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